Harish Tiwari - Creative Director 

Mumbai, Maharashtra

1998 - It was a fading era of linear editing and the emergence of Media100 and Avid NLE’s. As an editor, I edited a number of TV shows back then, with a keen sense for music, I started editing promos for music albums & TV shows, that ultimately led me onto one of the emerging broadcaster of its time 'TV18'. 

I joined TV18 in 2004, as one of the core team members in setting up their OAP department in Mumbai. I swiftly got fascinated with promos and Ads, as they were challenging and fun at the same time, this was the tipping point of my career, where I transformed from an editor to a promo producer. This opened up an entire new world of endless opportunities of expression for me, it also paved the way to shoulder new responsibilities, with respect to handling & mentoring young award-winning creative team, understanding complex human management skills, setting up an annual budget and most importantly working within boundaries and limits of available budgets. During my stint with TV18, I went through an exhilarating journey of growth both professionally and personally, I launched numerous network brands, and was instrumental at setting up an entire P&L unit ‘Cell18’ with the core mandate of monetising in-house assets thorough external client work, the idea was to work on client projects with the ongoing team and generate profits. This exposed me to the Ad and TV programming world. I take pride about the active role I played in the exponential growth and transformation of TV18 into one of the biggest media group ‘Network18’
In May 2012, I exited the group as Sr. Creative Director and took a sabbatical. I enrolled myself into New York Film Academy a premier film school, to learn the art of digital filmmaking.  It gave me new perspective about film production processes in western world. In 2015 along with my partner, we launched our own production house named “PlanA Concept” with focus on regional content production. As Creative Director of PlanA Concept, I was responsible for new ideas and content generation. In the last 5 years I worked closely with content heads of Star India, Disney India, Zee Living for various TV shows and digital content. After dedicating 5 years setting up the company, which can now smoothly float on its own, I have decided to venture out and seek new challenges for myself.

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