DNA Ekamatra family Show - ETV MARATHI

Popular programme host Aadesh Bandekar will continue to entertain the viewers on E TV, every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 pm. The only change is that he will be presenting a new programme titled ‘DNA Ekamatra family Show’ which also offers maximum cash prize of Rs.5 Lakhs to the participants.

Marathi reality show


The show has been adopted by the Cell18 team and will be supervised by Harish Tiwari & Zubin Driver.

Cell18 and Star Pravaah have recently worked together on Bhandaa Saukhya Bhare, a unique concept of a fight between saas and bahu on the most important man in their life. This show is full of entertainment, drama and fun. In the first week itself this show received an average TRP of 2.7 in the new prime slot on ETV Marathi.


महाराष्ट्रातील एकूण ८४ मंडळात रंगलेल्या प्राथमिक फेरीतून कोल्हापुरातील जायंट्स ग्रुप ऑफ इचलकरंजी, दक्षिण मुंबईतील अशोक मंडळ, पश्चिम मुंबईतील शामनगरचा राजा, मध्य मुंबईतील संस्कृती प्रतिष्ठान, ठाण्यातील शिवसम्राट मित्र मंडळ, पुण्यातील श्री अष्टविनायक मित्र मंडळ आणि नाशिकमधील सरदार चौक मंडळ अशा ७ मंडळांना प्रेक्षकांची पसंती आणि स्पध्रेतील खेळ या निकषावरून अंतिम फेरीत निवड झाली आहे.



The show will have twelve contenders vying for the position of Perfect Bachelor. The candidates will be made to live in a large house and will be given tasks to perform on which they will be judged. The show has been adopted by the Cell18 team and will be supervised by Harish Tiwari.

Bhanda Saukhya Bhare

Bhanda Saukhya Bhare - 20.Oct.2012

The episode starts with a brief introduction of the best family interviews in the first season. Prasad ends the season with the best moments of the show.